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November 23, 2021
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Skydive Over The Pyramids Of Egypt

  • 4 Nights 5 Days
  • Very Limited Spots
  • November 2021 Only
  • International Flights Not Included
What's this trip all about ?

SkyDive Over The Pyramids of Egypt

“Skydive Over The Pyramids of Egypt” is a rare Luxury Expedition / Event we organize every year for JUST ONE WEEK IN JUNE  for just a handful of people  with special permits from the Government of Egypt and a super epic Giant Military plane provided by the Egyptian Army for a week, so no other dates or months in the year are possible to do this Skydive other than the ones in November 2021.

This Egypt Skydive trip is as unique as our other Flagship Annual Skydive Over The Himalayas Special Expedition In Nepal every November, Just FYI Registrations are open for the 5th Annual edition of this Nepal trip as well for May 2021, Click here to read details.

People abuse the word EPIC all the time, this is most definitely not that time 

This is real and it is happening.

Keeping in line with doing truly epic stuff around the world, we have created this insane opportunity for you to actually Skydive Over The Pyramids of Giza again in Egypt from 15000 feet and landing right next to the Pyramids for just a week in November 2021, scroll down for exact dates.

This will be the 3rd Annual Edition of this crazy annual event.

Not just that, we have got the legendary Hercules C-130 Aircraft from the Egyptian Army specially for this rare event making the experience even more dramatic and larger than life!! We are sure you would have seen Navy Seals enter across enemy lines in the movies skydiving out of a big fat aircraft where the whole back of the plane opens up and they run and jump off a ramp from the back of the plane.

This is exactly that and not a tiny little “Toy Plane” generally used for Skydiving everywhere  

Please make sure you read all the details such as Itinerary, What’s Included, What’s Not Included, Cost etc by scrolling  down this page. 

What's Included ?
  • One Tandem Skydive for touristsIf you have no prior skydiving experience then included in the package is one Tandem Skydive over the Pyramids of Egypt out of the legendary Hercules C-130 Military Aircraft with our World Renowned Skydiving Instructors included (Open to anyone with no prior skydiving experience/training)
  • 3 solo skydives for Licensed solo SkydiversIf you are a trained and licensed Skydiver with at least a USPA B-License, then 3 solo skydives included in the package
  • Skydive Video & PhotosA personal Video and epic Photos of your Skydive over the Pyramids in Egypt shot by a dedicated ace Cameraman who will also jump with you and your Tandem Instructor to shoot your whole skydive (Only for Tandem Skydivers package)
  • 4 Nights AccommodationAt the “Cairo Pyramids Steigenberger 5 Star Hotel” overlooking the main Pyramids on a Twin share and Half Board basis
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Airport Pickup & Drop
What's Not Included ?
  • International Air Ticket to Cairo/EgyptTickets to Cairo are super cheap in general and direct flights available from Air Egypt. People come for our trips from different cities and countries, so we cannot have this included in a standard package, we will guide you with the best options though
  • Egypt VisaA single entry Tourist visa for Egypt costs just around 25 USD. You can get the visa in 2 to 3 working days from the Egyptian Consulate.
  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything else not mentioned in Inclusions/Exclusions

Day 1Land In Cairo

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite.

Day 2 - Day 4Skydiving Days

Day 5Departure Day

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Frequently Asked questions about skydiving in Egypt

Does this Skydive Over The Pyramids happen on a regular basis ?

This is a special annual event and happens for just one week of the year every year since 2018 with special permissions from the Government of Egypt.

There is no permanent Skydiving centre or school that exists in general / on a year round basis in Egypt, this is a special expedition and hence no other dates of the year are possible to do this truly Once In a Lifetime Unique Experience.

But is this Skydiving Experience even safe?

Since there are no skydiving schools or a permanent setup for Skydiving in Egypt, we are flying down an entire team of the most impressive Skydiving Professionals on the planet for this rare event with special permits from the Government and Army of Egypt.

You are in the best hands possible, with the most sophisticated Skydiving equipment and gear in the world being flown in and about to do something that 99.9999999999 % of the people in the world will just dream about.

And if you do a little reading, you will find out that skydiving, especially Tandem Skydiving, with the kind of technology used today is as safe as it can get !

But I have never gone skydiving before, can I come ?


You do not need any prior skydiving experience of any kind to join this trip. Anyone above 16 years of age can join in, as long as you do not have any life threatening medical conditions.

This is a TANDEM SKYDIVING experience i.e You jump while hooked up in the same harness with your instructor without any training needed. So you don’t need to have any prior experience of skydiving to come for this event. All you need is the will to want to get past your own fears and come take a leap like no other in the world, this is hands down the coolest thing you will do in life 

Note: If you are a licensed solo Skydiver with minimum B License, you can come and jump solo!

You can also check out our Learn To Skydive Solo Trips to various countries if you want to get your license and learn to Skydive On Your own.

Super Important: Please Read

Please do not waste your time comparing this to other Skydives in the world and please DO NOT message us back saying “why is this expensive compared to going and skydiving in Dubai and Thailand etc ?”

You are going to be jumping over the freaking Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world….just a reminder !!!!

Did we already mention that you are actually going to be jumping out Mission Impossible Style out of the back of the legendary GIANT Hercules C 130 Army Aircraft and not a tiny little “Toy Plane” generally used for Skydiving everywhere

Please understand that this is not a permanent year round commercial setup where thousands of people get to jump throughout the year. There are no permanent Skydiving centers or schools in Egypt.

We are setting up the whole thing from scratch for just 1 week in June by specially flying down an entire team of some of the Best Skydiving Instructors on the planet along with all the equipment and gear from around the world to Egypt to make this rare event happen for you with special permits from the Government and the Army!

No other month or dates are possible for this rare expedition, this is the only civilian skydive over The Pyramids of Egypt.

The special Giant Military Plane we use for this skydive

We have got the legendary GIANT Hercules C-130 Aircraft from the Egyptian Army specially for this rare event making it even more dramatic and larger than life !! We are sure you would have seen Navy Seals enter across enemy lines in the movies skydiving out of a big fat aircraft where the whole back of the plane opens up and they run and jump off its ramp.

This is exactly that and not a tiny little “Toy Plane” generally used for Skydiving everywhere  

So you my friend, are going to actually be jumping out Mission Impossible Style out of the back of the legendary Hercules C 130 Army Aircraft over the freaking Pyramids of Giza !!

Beat that.

Prerequisites & Safety

Since this is also majorly a Tandem Skydiving event (just like our Flagship Annual Skydive Over The Himalayas Special Expedition In Nepal in November ) where you are tied up to an instructor during the Skydive, anyone can apply to come for this special event to Skydive Over the Pyramids of Egypt with no prior skydiving training or experience  unless you have a life threatening medical condition or if you weigh over 105 Kgs.

Our World Renowned team of Skydiving Instructors who come all the way especially for this event every year from different parts of the World will take care of you personally, during this incredible skydiving experience.

Apart from these amazing athletes and professionals we also fly down the latest and most sophisticated Skydiving Gear and Equipment that follows the strictest Global United States Parachute Association (USPA) Regulations.

Of course there is a medical team and ambulance parked on the ground for emergencies at all times.

So this is not just a unique travel experience but also a super safe one

Take my money, how do I sign up ?

First, Please make sure you scroll down and read all the details such as Itinerary, What’s Included, What’s Not Included etc further down this page.

After that, fill up the application form on this page and  you will get an automated mail within a minute with the cost of the trip and next steps.

And like we always say…….You snooze, You lose ! 

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