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Learn Skydiving in the Gorgeous South of France !!

Ever get that itch to jump out of a flying plane? Ok, we didn’t mean to ask if you have suicidal tendencies. Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to be a bird soaring through the skies, not a worry in the world? Like an eagle, flying high, up above all the chaos on the ground! Well until Iron Man Suits or Jet Packs become available to us lesser mortals, skydiving is your answer!

BEEP “Learn Skydiving” Trips

Every year for the last 3 years we have been organizing a bunch of International Skydive Gatherings around the world and this year is no different and our tribe of eagles is only growing. Come with us and do your Beginner’s Course to Learn Skydiving Solo with us at our next events in South France with some crazy ass people from around the world.

After this course, you will have the license to skydive solo almost anywhere in the world!


What’s the kicker you ask?

If you are going to be an eagle, you might as well soar over the super gorgeous French countryside in the south aka The South of France, so be prepared for mind-blowing views from the air during your jumps!!

And just because you are going to France doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket to come along, we have got you covered and we mean it! Our Gatherings are designed keeping reasonable budgets in mind, as always!


“IS This Skydiving Trip For Me?”

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is done with the same old adventure plans and wants to move over to the NEXT LEVEL and learn how to Skydive Solo (on their own). Plus, you will get to meet some kickass people from around the world who have similar lifestyle goals, to share this adventure with!

NOTE: You don’t need any prior Skydiving experience of any kind to come do your beginners course for one week on this trip.

Just to repeat, this is a trip to learn to skydive solo and get your Skydiving License and NOT to go do a Tandem Skydive i.e tied up to an Instructor in the same harness. If you are interested in just tandem Skydiving, then check out our legendary Annual Skydive Over The Himalayas event or our super rare Skydive Over The Pyramids of Giza event which is open to everyone and doesn’t involve any training!

After this course with us, you will have the license to skydive solo almost anywhere in the world!


“But is it Safe to do a Solo Skydiving Course?”

If you consider that horse riding, cricket, football rank above skydiving as ‘risky’ sports, it should put things into perspective.

To put the most common fear to rest, Most people are not aware of this but modern skydiving equipment is so technologically advanced that the parachute deploys itself at a minimum set altitude even if you don’t end up opening your chute for any reason whatsoever!!!

Not to mention that you will be learning from one of the World’s most experienced Skydiving Teacher, my dear friend and also my own Skydiving teacher. He is ex French Military with 15,000 + jumps under his belt including being one of the handful of people in the world to have super high altitude Skydive over Mount Everest !!!

 The real question is, do u want to let is pass by because of your insecurities and fears or are you ready to face them head on? 🙂

Make sure you read the Next Sections Below for Dates, Itinerary, What’s Included, What’s Not Included and Cost etc !

IMPORTANT: We understand that you may not want to go to Europe for just our 8 day Trip only for the course, so you are free to have your own plan for a few days to explore France or other countries around on your own before or after the above-mentioned course dates, we can help you plan your extended personal itinerary if needed.

Group One: 25th May Saturday (arrive in Paris)  – 2nd June Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Two:1st June Saturday (arrive in Paris)  – 9th June Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Three: 6th July Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 14th July Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Four: 13th July Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 21st July Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Five: 20th July Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 28th July Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Six: 27th July Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 4th August Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Seven: 3rd August Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 11th August Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Eight: 10th August Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 18th August Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Nine: 17th August Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 25th August Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Ten: 24th August Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 1st September Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Eleven: 31st August Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 8th September Sunday (depart from Paris)

Group Twelve: 14th September Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 22nd September Sunday (depart from Paris)
Group Thirteen: 21st September Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 29th September Sunday (depart from Paris)
Group Fourteen: 28th September Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 6th October Sunday (depart from Paris)
Group Fifteen: 5th October Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 13th October Sunday (depart from Paris)
Group Sixteen: 12th October Saturday (arrive in Paris) – 20th October Sunday (depart from Paris)




To ease your mind more about safety, your Skydive Instructor who is our dear friend and partner on this annual series of events in France is ex-French Military and one of the top Skydive Instructors in the world with more than 15,000+ Jumps under his belt.

He is also one of the very rare people in the world to have skydived over Mount Everest !!!

You will literally be learning from the best in the world and are in the safest hands possible 🙂

NOTE: You don’t need any prior Skydiving experience of any kind to come do your beginners course for one week on this trip.


The best part is that you don’t need any prior Skydiving experience of any kind to come do your beginners course for one week on this trip to earn your Skydiving License. You will learn everything from the start.

After this course, you will have the license to skydive solo almost anywhere in the world!

To ensure a focussed experience during the Skydiving course, we limit the number of people per group for Skydiving Trips to around 5-6 people only.

But of course, you will meet a whole bunch of Skydivers from other countries during your training !

Before you read further, you should know that this 6-day course is open to complete beginners who want to learn skydiving with no previous experience of any kind necessary! After this course, you will have a Skydiving License to jump solo almost anywhere in the world.

  •   5 – 6 Hours of Ground/Classroom Training on Day 1 to learn the procedures of Solo Skydiving and short ground briefings every morning. Training includes how to activate your parachute, how to maintain a stable body position in the air, and teaches the importance of altitude awareness etc..
  • From Day 2 to Day 6 you will do 6 Solo Skydives (depending on weather) which are the 6 levels of your course. You will have to pass these progression levels over these 6 solo jumps by displaying gear handling and other skills you learn in Ground Training.
  • During Skydive 1 and Skydive 2 of the course, there will be two instructors that jump along with you holding you safely and securely from either side through the loops on your JumpSuit.They will instruct you in the air from the moment you jump from the aircraft up until your landing, using hand movements and radio assistance to guide you through everything you learnt in Ground Training.

Click here to see a video of what the first 2 Jumps of the course look like!

  • You will display some of the basic skills you learnt in Ground Training up in the air to them such as correct body position and simple hand signals etc, nothing too complicated.
  • During Skydive 3  & Skydive 4 of the course, you will have one instructor holding you from one side up in the air instead of two and you will showcase some more skills in the air as per what you learnt in ground training such as how to turn left to right in the air and vice versa or how to go forward or backward in the air at will etc.

Click here to see a video of what  Jumps 3 and 4 of the course look like!

  • During Skydive 5 and Skydive 6 of the course, there will be an instructor jumping with you for guidance and safety but they won’t be holding you anymore and you will display all the skills you learnt during the first 4 jumps on your own and then deploy your own parachute and land in the airfield.

Click here to see a video of what  Jumps 5 and 6 of the course look like!

Upon successful completion of these 6 levels / Skydives during the course, you will get your Solo skydiving certification and License!
In short, you are now officially an Eagle!
Ready to Soar?
PS: This all may sound too hardcore at first, but trust us it’s not that complicated and more importantly, the feeling of flying through the air on your own is incomparable to anything else in the world.
You can thank us later 🙂
Important: If these dates don’t work for you at all, then tell us what dates do and we can work something out especially if you are a group of friends that want to do this awesome experience together.
  • Saturday: Land in Paris any time of the day. Check-In and the rest of the day is free to stroll around the beautiful city and take it easy. You can always choose to go a day or two earlier if you want to spend more time exploring Paris on your own.
  • Sunday: Finish breakfast and then you are off on a picturesque 5-hour train journey to our Skydiving Base somewhere secret in the gorgeous South of France.
  • Monday: Course always begins on Monday with Ground Training and Theory Classes. For details of the course, check out the Course Description Section below.
  • Tuesday – Saturday: Course continues from morning to afternoon everyday depending on weather of course and by the end of it, you will be a certified Eagle flying solo across the surreal French Countryside!
  •  During our free time after the course from Monday to Saturday, we will go explore other optional fun activities like Rafting, Hiking, Dirt biking, eat awesome food, cycle around and just generally enjoy the surreal beauty of the gorgeous South Of France.
  • Sunday: Train back to Paris from where you can fly back home or continue your personal journey in France/Europe, we can help you plan it.


  • Beginner’s Skydiving Certification and License Course from the French Skydiving Federation
  • 1 night stay in Paris on arrival at a local hostel/hotel on sharing basis.
  • 6 nights Stay on sharing basis at our Skydiving Base somewhere in the gorgeous South of France during the Course
  • Transfers from Paris to South of France and back to Paris
  • Photos and Videos of all your skydives as a part of the course
  • All gear and equipment for the course
  • Meals ( There is a restaurant at our Skydive Base and you can eat as you like over there but you can save some serious cash by using the fully functional kitchen at the dropzone, Ready to Cook stuff is available at nearby super markets and you can even carry your own from home. Almost everyone from around the world follows this practise and cooks together like a community over there.)
  • International Airfare and Visa ( we can guide you through the process and also provide you with an official invitation letter for your visa)
  • Local Travel in Paris and South of France (Taxi or Public Transport)
  • Personal Expenses
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