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Check Out Some of The Best Places For Skydiving In India And Around

We all have at least once wished to have feathers of a bird to take flight. We too wished if we had wings to flap and could fly about in the air. But thanks to so many adrenaline filled activities like skydiving, paragliding, ballooning and sorts we do get to experience a few moments in the air. But the one activity that gets your adrenaline pumping the most is skydiving. Jumping off the edge or from a plane and free falling in the air does get your heart in your mouth but it has a thrill of its own. While the farther foreign lands do have exotic landscapes to jump over, today we look at places to go skydiving in India and around.

Skydiving Around India:

1.  Skydiving in Thailand:

Pattaya has a skydiving drop zone for almost a decade now. A scenic ride on the aircraft and on your jump, one can see the beautiful beaches, the city of Pattaya and also the Gulf of Thailand. It is a full-time tandem skydiving offering venue, an activity of about 3 hours but will leave you with a memorable experience of a lifetime.

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2.  Skydiving in Nepal:

Nepal has one of the highest drop zones for an ultimate skydiving experience. It is scenic due to the beautiful view of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains under. The cost of skydiving can get expensive but it is totally worth the exhilarating view. It is a different high to be jumping from the highest point. A team of international instructors, some world record holders, create a setup here every year for this ultimate adrenaline fueling activity. Skydiving over the Himalayas is one of the best adventure experiences you can treat yourself to!

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3. Skydiving in Langkawi:

While you indulge in the beauty of these tropical islands on the Malaysian coast, you could also add on to your experience by taking a tandem skydive. The jump may last for just about 30 seconds to a minute but it is worth the scenic descent. Best is you land on the soft sandy beach surrounded by the azure blue waters. So no doubts about the best views here. The skydiving here starts in November.

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Skydiving in India:

4. Skydiving in Pondicherry:

The quaint little town of Pondicherry as a tourist spot is a visual delight in itself. So, as you free fall from the blue sky, you can see the beautiful French colony under, with a view of sea and mountains at the same time. The best time to visit here is during the winters.

5.   Skydiving in Karnataka:

This is quite a famous spot, becoming more and more popular for its skydiving activity. It is, in fact, one of the best spots for skydiving in India. It is located just at the scenic Chamundi hills so one can experience the beautiful mountain view under. Skydiving trips and camps are held here every year which offers tandem jumps, accelerated free falls after proper professional training.

These are just some of the places that we have listed down. There are few other spots which offer skydiving in India like Aamby Valley in Maharashtra, Dhana in Madhya Pradesh and Deesa in Gujarat. The skydiving experience is a beautiful one no matter where you visit. Skydiving camps are held in some of the places for adventure activities enthusiasts. So for the ones in love with extreme sports, skydiving is a must try!

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