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Nepal Skydive Himalayas Trip Contest

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Skydive Over The Pyramids Of Egypt

Availability : April and October/November Only
Be one of the rarest people in the world to Skydive Over The Pyramids of Egypt at our exclusive Annual event in April and October /November where you get to jump out of the back of a Giant Hercules C-130 Military aircraft or an Mi17 military helicopter (Mission Impossible Style) and land in between the […]
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Skydiving Over The Himalayas In Nepal

Availability : November Only
Our Flagship Annual Nepal Skydiving Over The Himalayas trip to Nepal is happening again in November. This rare skydive is stuff of legend and you get to be part of a handful of lucky people on the planet to actually skydive out of a B350 helicopter over snow-clad Himalayas!

Annual Iceland Road Trip On A Budget

Availability : June to September Only
An 8 day Road Trip across the legendary Ring Road of Iceland in 4 WD vehicles that will take you around the whole country in a circular loop of pure amazement and a constantly dropped jaw. Volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, thermal springs; you name it!

Learn Scuba diving & Go Snorkelling With Whales In Srilanka

Availability : March, April and May Only
This is not a whale watching trip to see whales while sitting in a boat. This is an extraordinary and rare annual trip to learn Scuba diving and also go snorkelling with whales in Sri Lanka. Whales are the largest living beings on our planet and you can expect sperm whales, blue whales, pilot whales […]

Maldives Scuba diving Trip Snorkelling with Manta Rays & Whale Shark special

Availability : June to October Only
Imagine hundreds of harmless Giant "birds" that look like alien space ships (15 feet wingspan) flying around you underwater. Sounds like a dream!? We are going back to the Maldives for our super special ANNUAL Manta Ray congregation phenomena ONLY from June to October every month for this snorkelling & scuba diving trip and you […]
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Learn Skydiving Trips To The South Of France

Availability : June to September only
Our annual "Learn To Skydive Solo License Course" trips to the gorgeous South of France happening throughout summer where a lucky few get to learn how to fly like eagles from one of the best Skydiving teachers in world. After this course you get the license to skydive alone/solo almost anywhere in the world.
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Annual Iceland Skydiving Trip

Availability : July 2023 Only
Our Iceland Skydiving annual trip can only be described as a dream within a dream! A trip to arguably the most beautiful country in the world and now add a crazy skydive to it while you are there. A dream within a dream :)

Snorkelling & Scuba diving In Maldives With Whale Shark Special Trip

Availability : March and April Only
A rare annual snorkelling/ scuba diving trip only in March and April to meet the biggest fish in the world aka The Whale shark that grows upto 60 feet long! Whales sharks are harmless, gentle and peaceful creatures that eat plankton and look like creatures straight out of the movie Avataar! Open to swimmers and […]

Maldives Shark Diving Scuba Trip For Advanced Divers Only

Availability : September to May Every Month
An extraordinary annual Maldives Shark diving trip only between September to May meant ONLY FOR ADVANCED SCUBA DIVERS to fulfil their wildest underwater fantasies. Think Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, Thresher sharks and Giant Oceanic Mantas! This is where the big boys come to play, the lords of our oceans and man will it blow your mind! […]

Annual Bali Skydive Trip

Availability : June 2024 Only
Our annual Bali skydive event / trip is happening for just one week in June with special permissions from the Government and Airforce of Indonesia. You will be skydiving over Bali out of the back of a Giant Hercules C-130 military plane and land on a gorgeous white sands beach in this paradise with us!
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