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Scuba diving With Giant Manta Rays Maldives Special Trip

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A Video from our previous Manta Rays Maldives Expedition

Scuba diving With Giant Manta Rays Maldives Trip

IMPORTANT NOTE : This Special Manta Rays Scuba diving Trip To Maldives  is available only between July to September and is OPEN TO BEGINNERS who want to do their Scuba diving Course.

Scuba diving in Maldives, in general, is a total dream but now add to that a congregation of dozens and sometimes even hundreds of Giant Manta Rays that are “flying” around you while you are underwater!  Most divers are happy seeing one Manta Ray, but seeing them play around in a group is a memory for life!

Each one of them can grow up to 15 feet side to side, let that settle in!!!

This is a natural phenomenon that has been happening in a really special part of the Maldives every year around this time of the year. A bay the size of a football field acts like a funnel and traps plankton underwater that attracts these friendly “Giant Underwater Birds” aka manta Rays that look like Alien Space Ships, to come feed on that plankton!

The result is nothing short of a lucid dream and this “Manta Rays Maldives Trip” is just that, a dream!

We have been going to this particular super gorgeous Island around this time of the year every year to be part of this dream. And what an extraordinary experience this place is every single time! Not that we want to play favourites here but out of the around 1200 islands that exist in the Maldives and the several different islands that we organise trips to throughout the year, this particular one is definitely the best around this time of the year!

Because…….Mantassss 🙂

Apart from the Manta Ray spectacle which is the focus of this trip and the generally amazing marine life of the Maldives, we will also be diving at a dive site called “Sting Ray City” close by to our island which is home to dozens of resident Sting Rays, believe us when we tell you that you haven’t seen so many Sting Rays together either !

This ” Special Manta Rays Scuba diving Trip To maldives” is available only between July to September and is OPEN TO BEGINNERS who want to do their Scuba diving Course.

Scuba diving inside the Bay is prohibited by law to protect the Mantas from over crowding by divers which is a good thing. You can, however, Snorkel/Freedive with them all you like in the bay and enjoy this rare spectacle. The dive sites all around the bay where we will be Scuba diving are frequented by the same Mantas throughout the day since they are always on the move and go to the bay primarily to feed.

If you are an experienced diver, you are in for a party and if you are a beginner, you are going to be spoilt for life!

“But What If That Giant Manta Ray Eats Me for Lunch ?” 🙂

It seems we are not an appetising meal even for Giants, who only eat huge amounts of tiny plankton that blooms with the tide and gets trapped by this funnel shaped bay near our little secret island. So you are not the one that needs to worry. They are the ones that need protection from us, not the other way round! So on this trip, you will learn a lot about Marine Conservation.

You protect what you love and on this Manta Rays Maldives Scuba diving Trip, you will fall in love!

“But I have never gone scuba diving before!! “

As mentioned earlier, the best part is that this Manta Rays Maldives Scuba diving Trip is not just for experienced Scuba Divers but is also open to complete beginners. For those who want to learn Scuba Diving and finish their Beginner’s 5 Day PADI Open Water Course. And the ones who have already finished their 5 Day Open Water Course, you can come along and finish your Advanced Open Water Course. This which will allow you to go down deeper to 30 meters and trust us, you wanna go deeper.

That’s where the real action always happens!

” Doesn’t Scuba diving In Maldives Cost A Fortune Though?”

In general, you cannot stay in the Maldives without having to sell your kidney, leave alone the diving costs 🙂  This Maldives Diving package, however, is all about White Sands, crystal clear waters, an extraordinary underwater experience of a lifetime and everything else that the Maldives embodies, EXCEPT THE PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE PART!

This Manta Rays Maldives Scuba diving Trip, like almost all our small group trips, is relatively budget friendly (considering that the Maldives is known to be ultra expensive) and yet doesn’t sacrifice the awesomeness 🙂

We will be staying at a fantastic Hotel right off a white sand beach and turquoise waters with all modern comforts on a gorgeous little island in the middle of nowhere and experiencing what even most divers in the world won’t in this lifetime.

All this, at a fraction of the general Maldives Price tags!

” Who are these other people in the group? “

Being on a secluded island is great when you and your girlfriend wanna get cozy! 🙂 But when the plan is to go Scuba Diving, who can say no to awesome company. We started organizing these trips a few years back so we could go scuba diving with some fun peeps and fun you can be assured of!  On our Manta Rays Maldives Scuba diving Trip you will meet some awesome people from all over who share similar life goals and interests.

Scuba diving at this really special place is such an incredible experience that you will be happy to share it with a bunch of kindred souls that will form your group.But if you feel that you want to go with your own crew to our island, hit us up and that can be arranged easily on dates of your choice.

For Group Dates and Itinerary, Read On!

UPDATE: This trip will happen again in 2018 with multiple groups in July, August and September only, since these are the 3 months that make make up primary Manta Rays Congregation season which is a truly rare spectacle.

Fill in the Application form and enquire about exact dates for 2018.


We don’t do Hour by Hour Itineraries because they are boring and suck the fun out of Raw Adventures, so that is all you are going to get for now, let the rest happen to you. 

Let the Island happen to you 🙂

  • Day 1: Land at Male International Airport which is the Capital of Maldives anytime and board another 30-minute domestic flight from the Domestic Terminal next door which will take you straight to our secret island where you will meet the rest of the group. The remainder of the day is to chill, relax and enjoy the spectacular view from this tiny little gem of an island in the middle of nowhere.
  • Day 2 to Day 5: You will begin your Open water Scuba diving Course / Advanced Open Water Course / Fun Dives if you are already a certified Diver from Day 2 all the way to Day 5 every day while you enjoy the spectacular underwater every day. Typically, you will be busy with your diving/diving course post breakfast until noon or even afternoon depending on how quickly things are moving ahead in terms of the learning ( for people doing the Open water Course.

Fun divers can go for 2 dives in the morning and one optional dive in the afternoon and even a night dive on one of the nights. And if the Mantas don’t play shy, everyone is in for a treat because the area around our Island is the hotspot for Manta Rays and the bay in which the Manta ray Congergation happens is very close by!

Learning Scuba diving in the Maldives is a sure shot way to fall in love with scuba diving simply because of the quality of marine life and scuba diving infrastructure you are about to experience.

  • The rest of the day every day is free to hang out on the beach and enjoy the colourful sunsets, try your hand at Paddleboarding or Canoeing or even check out one of the nearby “Fancy Resort Islands” and spend the evening there in ultra luxurious environments and see what the fuss is all about 🙂
  • Day 6: You take your domestic flight back from the Island to Male and then you are ready to fly back home from the Capital anytime post noon.


Awesome people just like you, come for our trips from various cities and countries and we don’t like for it to be too crowded. So we cap the average number per group between 8  – 12 people with a healthy ratio!

These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, not those touristy hordes being packed up in buses like sheep 🙂


  • 5 nights 6 days stay at our beautiful hotel right off the beach on our secret island with all modern amenities on a twin sharing basis during this special Scuba diving With Manta Rays Maldives Trip

(Pictures of the Island and Hotel Rooms etc at the top on the page in the Gallery)

  • All meals are included and the food at our place is fantastic, to say the least with enough vegetarian options.
  • Return Domestic Flight from Male Airport (Capital of Maldives) directly to our Secret Island and Back to Male Airport.
  • Standard 5 Day PADI Open Water License Course  if you are a complete beginner
  • ( or ) PADI Advanced Open Water License Course if you are already Open water certified and want to now do level 2  i.e the Advanced Open water Course
  • ( or )  8 Fun Dives over 4 days if you are already a Certified Diver and just wants to come do fun dives and no course.
  • One Snorkelling Trip To the Bay including government permissions and gear.
  • All Equipment and Gear, you don’t need to carry anything special except normal beachwear and swim/surf shorts etc for guys
  • Visa for Maldives is free for Indians and people from most countries. It’s  just a stamp that you get at Maldives Airport, can’t get better than this!!
  •  International Air ticket to Maldives ( Male International Airport)

(Flights for our dates are pretty cheap at the moment)


  • You only have to make a token deposit as specified in our email to reserve your spot.
  • The token deposit is refundable before 45 days prior to the Start Date of the Trip in the form of a voucher that you can use for any BEEP Trip anytime in the future.
  • Within 45 Days of the start date of the Trip, there will be no refund of the Token Deposit but you do have the option to transfer it to another person who can join the trip instead of you.
  • In the unlikely scenario of a Force Majeure/Weather/Natural Calamity causing the event to not take place, the Token deposit will be refunded in the form of a voucher that you can use for any BEEP Trip anytime in the future.

In case you missed it, BEEP  trips are not your usual “sightseeing tour packages” to commercial destinations. These are unique experiences that deserve passionate and awesome people, in pursuit of the extraordinary.

There are very limited spots possible on each trip that we put together with all our heart and soul and there are only so many we can do in a year. So to ensure that we have a fun bunch of awesome people on each of these amazing journeys, we ask you to….

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