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Scuba diving With Giant Manta Rays Maldives Special Expedition


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  • 5 Nights 6 Days
  • Open To Everyone Including Beginners
  • July, August and September only
  • International Flights Not Included
  • Book Online Now With Fully Refundable Token Deposit
What's this trip all about ?

Scuba diving In Maldives With Giant Manta Rays (Special Trip)

Scuba diving in Maldives, in general, is a total dream but now add to that a rare congregation of dozens and sometimes even hundreds of Giant Manta Rays that are “flying” around you underwater!  Most divers are happy seeing one Manta Ray, but seeing them play around in a group is a memory for life!

Manta Rays are super peaceful, gentle and totally harmless (don’t confuse them with Sting Rays, that can sting) and each one of them can grow up to 15- 20 feet in wingspan, let that settle in!!!

They eat plankton, the tiniest particles in the oceans and not human beings 🙂

This is an extraordinary natural phenomenon that has been happening in a really special and remote part of the Maldives every year between July and September.  A bay the size of a football field acts like a funnel and traps plankton underwater that attracts these friendly “Giant Underwater Birds” aka manta Rays that look like Alien Space Ships, to come feed on that plankton!

The bay where Manta rays congregate to feed is less than 10 minutes away from our Hotel on a speed boat. We have drones to check for if Manta rays have arrived in the bay and plan the snorkelling trip accordingly to give you the best chance and enjoying this spectacular phenomena.

If you are an experienced diver, you are in for a party and if you are a beginner, you are going to be spoilt for life!

“But I have never gone scuba diving before!! “

As mentioned earlier, the best part is that this Manta Rays Maldives Scuba diving Trip is not just for experienced Scuba Divers but is also open to complete beginners. For those who want to learn Scuba Diving and finish their Beginner’s 4 Day PADI Open Water Course.

And the ones who have already finished their 4 Day Open Water Course, can come along and finish your Advanced Open Water Course during this trip.

” Doesn’t Scuba diving In Maldives Cost A Fortune Though?”

In general, you cannot stay in the Maldives without having to sell your kidney, leave alone the diving costs 🙂  This Maldives Diving package, however, is all about White Sands, crystal clear waters, an extraordinary underwater experience of a lifetime and everything else that the Maldives embodies, EXCEPT THE PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE PART!

This Manta Rays Maldives Scuba diving Trip, like almost all our small group trips, is relatively budget friendly (considering that the Maldives is known to be ultra expensive) and yet doesn’t sacrifice the awesomeness.

We will be staying at a fantastic Hotel right off a white sand beach and turquoise waters with all modern comforts on a gorgeous little island in the middle of nowhere and experiencing what even most divers in the world won’t in this lifetime.

All this, at an unbelievable fraction of the general exorbitant Maldives Price tags!

In a Nutshell:

– This is a super epic annual 5 night 6 day trip is extremely sought after by serious Scuba divers and beginner divers alike, from around the world!!

– Manta Rays are absolutely harmless, gentle and peaceful creatures that feed on plankton (not to be confused with Sting Rays that can sting)!!! 🙂

– You can do this super special scuba diving trip ONLY IN July, August and September, because this super rare Manta Ray Congregation Phenomena of dozens and possibly hundreds of Manta Rays congregating in one place happens only during monsoon time due to the plankton build up in the water during this time, which is what they come together to feed on !

divers with manta ray experiences

– Monsoon in the Maldives is not what you imagine, it rains in short spurts from time to time and not a constant downpour and this in facts keeps the temperatures cool instead of the usual burning sun and sunsets are super colourful and gorgeous due to the clouds.

– This is an all inclusive trip with accommodation at a premium resort right on the beach with all meals, domestic flights, scuba diving, government permissions, all taken care of in the package itself.

Please scroll down to read about Dates, Itinerary, Inclusions, Faqs etc or just use the sticky menu on the top of your screen to navigate.

GROUP DATES: The Manta Rays congregation special scuba diving trip to Maldives is based around a natural phenomena where dozens and often hundreds of these Gentle and totally harmless giants gather together in a corner of Maldives, happens every year between June to September only.
If the below group dates don’t work you, this trip can be customized to any dates of your choice  for you and your friends on request, reply to the email you receive from us when you fill up the form on this page)

Group 1: 11th June to 16th June 2022

Group 2: 12th July – 17th July 2022

Group 3: 10th August – 15th August 2022

Group 5: 21st August – 26th August 2022

Group 6: 6th September – 11th September 2022

Group 7: 24th September – 29th September


From January 2022 to May 20212 and from October 2022 to May 2023: 

Click here to check out our scuba diving trips to another secret Island in Maldives where all kinds of magical mythical creatures await underwater for you


Note: All our scuba diving  trips are OPEN TO BEGINNERS who want to do their PADI Open Water Scuba diving License Course.

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What's Included ?
  • 5 Nights Accommodation 5 nights 6 days stay at our beautiful hotel RIGHT ON THE WHITE SANDS BEACH of our secret island with all modern amenities on twin sharing basis. (Pictures of this Island and Hotel Rooms etc at the top on this page in the Photo Gallery, scroll up)
  • All MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included and the food at our Hotel is fantastic, to say the least with enough vegetarian options.
  • Domestic Flight within MaldivesReturn Domestic Flight from Male Airport (Capital of Maldives) directly to our Secret Island and Back to Male Airport.
  • 4 Day PADI Open Water License CourseIf you are a complete beginner
  • PADI Advanced Open Water License CourseIf you are already an Open water certified diver and want to do the 3 day advanced course
  • 8 Fun Dives over 4 daysIf you are already an Advanced certified Scuba Diver and just wants to come do fun dives and no course.
  • All Equipment and Gear for Scuba divingYou don’t need to carry anything special except normal beachwear and swim/surf shorts etc for guys
  • One Snorkelling Trip To the special Manta Rays congregation snorkelling dive siteThis is where hundreds of these gentle giants come together to feed on plankton.
  • Government permits and snorkelling gearTo be able to snorkel at the special Manta Ray site
  • Maldives Visa Visa is free and available on arrival free for people from most countries. It’s just a stamp that you get at Maldives Airport, can’t get better than this!!
What's Not Included ?
  • International Air Ticket to Male (Maldives)Tickets to Maldives are super cheap in general and direct flights available. People come for our trips from different cities and countries, so we cannot have this included in a standard package, we will guide you with the best options though
  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything else not mentioned in Inclusions/Exclusions

Day 1Land In Maldives and head to the Island

 Land at Male International Airport which is the Capital of Maldives anytime in the day.

You will then board another 30-minute domestic flight (included in the package) from the Domestic Terminal next door which will take you straight to our secret island and check in at our gorgeous resort where you will meet the rest of the group.

The remainder of the day is free to chill, relax and enjoy the spectacular view from this tiny little gem of an island in the middle of nowhere.

The resort is right on a white sands, turquoise waters beach, check out pictures in the photo on top of this page.

Day 2 - Day 5Scuba dive, Chill, Explore

  •  You will begin your Open water Scuba diving Course if you are a beginner or Advanced Open Water Course / Fun Dives if you are already a certified/ experienced Diver from Day 2 all the way to Day 5 every day while you enjoy the spectacular underwater world of Maldives every day.

Typically, you will be busy with your  diving/diving course post breakfast until noon or early afternoon, after which you have the rest of the day to relax or explore.

  • If you are a certified diver already, you can go for 2 dives in the morning and one optional dive in the afternoon and even a night dive on one of the nights. And if the Mantas don’t play shy, everyone is in for a treat because most of the dive sites around our Island are hotspots for Manta Rays!


  • On one of these 4 days, you will also go for the special Manta Rays snorkelling excursion into the Bay where the Manta Rays congregate  frequently to feed on plankton, less than 10 minutes away from our Hotel on a speed boat. We have drones to check for if Manta rays have arrived in the bay and plan the snorkelling trip accordingly to give you the best chance and enjoying this spectacular phenomena.

If you are lucky, think hundreds of Manta Rays with wingspans of upto 15 feet flying all around you underwater like Alien Spaceships 🙂

  • Everyday, the rest of the day is free to hang out on the beach right at your doorstep and enjoy the colourful sunsets. Try your hand at Paddleboarding or Canoeing for fun or even check out one of the nearby ” 5 Star Resort Islands” and spend the afternoon/evening there in ultra luxurious environments and see what the fuss is all about 🙂

Day 6Departure Day

You take your domestic flight (included in the package) back from the Island to Male (the capital) and then you are ready to fly back home on any flight that departs post noon, ideally.

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Frequently asked questions about Scuba diving with Manta rays in Maldives

Who is the founder of BEEP ?

Harpreet Singh aka Harry aka Mister BEEP founded BEEP – Beautiful Experiences Extraordinary Places lovingly called Gobeepbeep in 2015.

Before that, he worked at MTV and Vh1 for 8 years organising International Music Festivals and several popular TV shows until he converted his true Passion for seeking extraordinary experiences around the world and initiating others, into his life’s work.

When is he is not skydiving out of planes, you will find him under the ocean making friends with whales and sharks.

You can follow Harry’s crazy adventures on Instagram > @mister.beep


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Group Dates

GROUP DATES: July to September only (No other months are possible for this particular special trip to Maldives due to the movement pattern of the Manta Rays)
If the below group dates don’t work you, this trip can be customized to any dates of your choice  for you and your friends on request, reply to the email you receive from us when you fill up the form on this page)

Group 1: 6th July – 11th July

Group 2: 20th July – 25th July

Group 3: 7th August – 12th August

Group 4: 21st August – 26th August

Group 5: 4th September – 9th September

Group 6: 18th September – 23rd September


– This trip is OPEN TO BEGINNERS who want to do their PADI Open Water Scuba diving License Course.

– From March to May 2021 and from October to December 2021, every month, you can come for our other  Scuba diving trips to our other Secret Island In Maldives again, details of that particular trip are on this link.

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1) The small token deposit you pay now online to book your spot is fully refundable for the next 2 weeks anyway, incase you change your mind.

2) In the case of a last minute pandemic restriction type scenario, you will not lose any money at all.

75% of your money will come back to you immediately so that most of your money is not blocked and the remainder 25 percent of your money will stay on hold with us and can be used on any BEEP trip of your choice at any point in the future, with no expiry.

This way, no one loses any money and we keep the payments we have made to our local vendors in advance on your behalf for this trip intact for usage later, so that they don’t lose money either.

Its a win-win-win for everyone involved 🙂

Talk to us if you have any questions!

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