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Upcoming Maldives Scuba diving & Snorkelling Trips

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Maldives Shark Diving Scuba Trip For Advanced Divers Only

Availability : September to May Every Month

Eligibility: Open To Advanced Scuba Divers Only

An extraordinary annual Maldives Shark diving trip only between September to May meant ONLY FOR ADVANCED SCUBA DIVERS to fulfil their wildest underwater fantasies. Think Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, Thresher sharks and Giant Oceanic Mantas! This is where the big boys come to play, the lords of our oceans and man will it blow your mind! This trip is not for beginners.

Snorkelling & Scuba diving In Maldives With Whale Shark Special Trip

Availability : October to May every month

Eligibility: Open To Non Swimmers & Beginners Also

A rare annual snorkelling/ scuba diving trip every month from January to May every year to meet the biggest fish in the world aka The Whale shark that grows upto 60 feet long! Whales sharks are harmless, gentle and peaceful creatures that eat plankton and look like creatures straight out of the movie Avataar! Open to swimmers and non swimmers both.