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The Annual Skydiving Over The Himalayas Trip To Nepal

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The Video Of Our Last Skydiving Over The Himalayas Trip To Nepal

SkyDiving Over The Himalayas In Nepal

How many people in the World can say that they have jumped out of a helicopter in the skies above the snow-clad Himalayas? You look at that insane view of the Himalayas from the ground and u are in awe of it. Now imagine skydiving over the Himalayas, above those giant abodes of snow from 15000 feet. All this, while staring at the frozen but  golden sun-kissed peaks before you surf through a sheet of clouds on your way down wondering…”Is this happening for real ?”!!!

We organize a lot of unusual holidays around the world, but nothing beats our Special Once-A-Year-Only Expedition for Skydiving over the Himalayas with special permissions from the Government of Nepal. Our last time organizing this rare event was nothing short of legendary, you can watch the video from that mad trip by clicking here or just scroll down on this page!

Since there are no skydiving schools or a permanent setup for Skydiving in Nepal ( the weather is not conducive most year), our team of International Instructors from across the globe come and create a setup from scratch every year, just for this exclusive event once a year.


Skydiving Over The Himalayas is a unique travel experience with no parallels!

And this is the Exclusive 2nd Edition of our completely crazy and rare Skydiving Experience in Nepal. We organize this once a year with special permissions from the Government of Nepal, in partnership with a team of some of the most renowned and highly experienced Skydiving Professionals and Specialists on the planet.


“But is this Skydiving Experience even safe?”

Our team of Instructors is full of world record holder SkyDivers from all around the world who are experts on Skydiving Over The Himalayas, so get that ” Is this safe ?” question out of your head. You are in the best hands possible and about to do something that 99.9% of the people in the world will just dream about.

And if you do a little reading, you will find out that skydiving, especially Tandem Skydiving, with the kind of technology used today is as safe as it can get!

“But I have never gone skydiving before, can I come ?”

This is a TANDEM SKYDIVING experience i.e You jump while hooked up in the same harness with your instructor without any training needed. So you don’t need to have any prior experience of skydiving to come for this event. All you need is the will to want to get past your own fears and come take a leap like no other in the world, this is hands down the coolest thing you will do in life 🙂

You can also check out our Learn To Skydive Solo Trips to various countries if you want to get your license and learn to Skydive On Your own.

“Is there a long hard trek before we skydive ?”

This is not a trekking trip, we will be going for fun hikes around the area in our spare time of course but we do not need to trek to reach the gorgeous place from where we will be skydiving over the Himalayas. If you do wish to go trekking after this trip why don’t you check out our crazy Psychedelic Honey Trek in Nepal, also happening in November 🙂

“Does this Skydiving In Nepal trip happen on a regular basis ?”

There is no skydiving over the Himalayas that exists in general / on a regular basis because the weather is not suitable for Skydiving most of the year in the Himalayas not to mention that this requires special permissions from the Government to organize. This Skydiving experience is put together only once a year.

November has always been one of the best times of the year with beautiful pleasant dry weather and a long and clear window to do this high adrenaline activity. But that is what makes this one-off annual skydiving event we put together for only 5 days in the year, so special.

” Take my money, how do I sign up ?”

Last time we had hundreds of people apply to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime unique travel experience and we selected 15 to come along to Skydive in Nepal.

You can read their testimonials and reviews along with some epic photos here

This year is no different, there are only 30 spots available to apply for the 2017 edition, so fill in the quick Application Form on this page asap and we’ll get back to you with the Cost etc.

And like we always say…….You snooze, You lose ! 😉

What makes BEEP Trips special is the fact that they can’t be organized every other week or even month. These are unique travel experiences meant for awesome people in pursuit of the extraordinary and this particular one can only happen once a year.

7th November  – 12th November 2017 ( Tuesday – Sunday)


9th November – 14th November 2017 ( Thursday – Tuesday)

( Flights are cheaper if you book a flight to Delhi separately and from Delhi to Kathmandu separately)

***IMPORTANT NOTE You can choose to reach Nepal a day or two late and leave a day or two early in case you have an emergency situation.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you are from India, International Flights to Nepal are much cheaper if you book a flight to Delhi separately and from Delhi to Kathmandu separately rather than looking for a direct flight.

We are only taking care of your domestic flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara and back, You need to book your own International Flight to Nepal

November is one the best times of the year to be in Nepal when the weather is dry, pleasant and super beautiful, it is not very cold at all. Now add the amazing Himalayan scenery to it followed by an extraordinary once in a lifetime skydive out of a helicopter over the snow-clad Himalayan Peaks to it!

Getting Goosebumps yet? 🙂

Anyone can apply to come for this special once-a-year-only Skydiving expedition to Nepal with no prior skydiving training or experience. Our World Renowned team of Skydiving Instructors who come all the way especially for this event every year from different parts of the World will take care of you personally, during this incredible skydiving experience.

These are the best of the best from around the world with the latest equipment that follows the strictest Global United States Parachute Association (USPA) Regulations.

So this is not just a unique travel experience but also a super safe one 🙂

Skydiving Over The Himalayas Trip To Nepal

Note: You can choose to reach Nepal a day late i.e 8th November or leave a day early i.e 11th November in case there is an emergency situation.

  • Day 1 – Land in Kathmandu anytime of the day you prefer. Get transferred to the hotel where you meet up with your awesome Beep Mates. You are about to share one of the most extraordinary experiences in life with them, you will make some friends for life, guaranteed.The rest of the day is free to hang out, get to know each other and explore the buzzing streets of Kathmandu.
  • Day 2 – Fly to Pokhara via an epic domestic flight which is included in our package along with the return flight too. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the Himalayas from this flight, but remember…..

This is not when u jump out LOL 🙂

We land in Pokhara, head to our beautiful hotel and meet up with our amazing team of World Renowned Skydiving Instructors from different parts of the World that we bring down once a year to create magic, for you. These guys are nothing short of legends in the world of skydiving and are the best of the best. They will be briefing everyone on the plan for the next few days and all the safety procedures and precautions.

The rest of the day we check out Pokhara, the amazing scenery and beautiful vibes, not to mention the great food and drinks all around. Soak in the sights while going crazy with anticipation of the madness you are about to experience.

  • Day 3 – Day 5: We head out into the Himalayas in a Van a few hours away to our temporary Heli Pad and Skydiving Drop Zone in a  surreal valley with 360-degree open unobstructed views of the Himalayas, a few hours away from Pokhara. For these 3 days, we convert this place into what can only be called the most beautiful skydiving drop zone in the world.

This is where we will be conducting our legendary Skydiving over the Himalayas.

This is a gorgeous spot by the side of a river with soft sands and magnificent panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks.Some people from the group get to jump on Thursday, others on Friday and remaining on Saturday. People who wait for their turn relax and watch the activities or explore/hike around the drop zone area with the rest of the group that is waiting for their turn.

You can also choose to stay back and relax at the hotel / explore gorgeous Pokhara if it is not your turn to skydive that day and you just do want to do your own thing one day! There are enough things to do in Pokhara around the hotel to keep you occupied just in case.

Early evening every day, everyone gets back and gets together at the hotel to just have fun and hang around Pokhara and its various pubs and bars and revel in the glory of what would easily go down as the “Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done In Life, Period 🙂

  • Day 6 –  Return flight to Kathmandu from Pokhara early morning ( part of the package) staring at those majestic peaks that you just jumped over. And then a flight back home in the afternoon/evening from Kathmandu feeling like a total legend waiting to get home to super jealous friends 🙂

And THIS, is how we #GoBeepBeep

  • One rare Tandem Skydive Out of a Helicopter over the Himalayas in Nepal with our World Renowned Skydiving Instructors for people with no prior skydiving experience/training.


A Solo Skydive if you are a trained Skydiver with at least an A license (BTW, Check out our Learn Skydiving Trips To South France and the Alps in August and September if you wish to do your Solo License Course)

  • A personal Video/Photos of your Skydive over the Himalayas on our trip
  • 1 Night Stay in Kathmandu in a comfortable Hotel in the city on Twin Share including breakfast
  • 4 Nights in Pokhra at a beautiful hotel on Twin share basis including Breakfast.
  • Spectacular Domestic Flights from Kathmandu – Pokhra – Kathmandu with incredible views of the Himalayas
  • Return Airport Transfer in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • DropZone Transfers from Pokhara Hotel to our temporary Skydiving Dropzone in the Mountains and back to Hotel in Pokhara during this skydiving experience of a lifetime
  • Fun Local Excursions and hikes with the group to other points of interest in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • International Air Ticket to Nepal ( People come from our trips from different cities and countries, so we cannot have this included in a standard package, we will guide you with the best options though)
  • Lunches & Dinners  (We don’t get involved with people’s food habits or restrict them with a set menu. You are free to eat whatever you want at the several awesome options of restaurants and cafes available in both Kathmandu and Pokhara but most of the time you will end up eating together with your new friends, so we usually always split the costs, just like friends do 🙂
  • You only have to make a token deposit as specified in our email to reserve your spot.
  • The token deposit is refundable before 45 days prior to the Start Date of the Trip in the form of a voucher that you can use for any BEEP Trip anytime in the future.
  • Within 45 Days of the start date of the Trip, there will be no refund of the Token Deposit but you do have the option to transfer it to another person who can join the trip instead of you.
  • In the unlikely scenario of a Force Majeure/Weather/Natural Calamity causing the event to not take place, the Token deposit will be refunded in the form of a voucher that you can use for any BEEP Trip anytime in the future.

Why Do I Need To Apply?

In case you missed it, BEEP  trips are not your usual “sightseeing tour packages” to commercial destinations. These are unique experiences that deserve passionate and awesome people, in pursuit of the extraordinary.

There are very limited spots possible on each trip that we put together with all our heart and soul and there are only so many we can do in a year. So to ensure that we have a fun bunch of awesome people on each of these amazing journeys, we ask you to….

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