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Unique Experiences

abandoned russian rocket factory
An abandoned Russian rocket factory in Moscow is one of Russia's best kept secrets. With huge machines you'll feel like you are in Honey! I shrunk the kids
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skydive over himalayas
Pokhara is the one-stop destination for adventure sports in the world. Plunge into the world of adventure and experience nature like never before.
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From jumping out of a plane with no parachute to floating over the might snow-clad Himalayas, here are 5 epic skydiving experiences to top your bucket list!
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Chintan 2 skydive in nepal with gobeepbeep
For all the adventure junkies, skydiving activity is an adrenaline pumping activity. Take a look at some of the places to go skydiving in India and around.
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humpback whale leaping
A solar powered water taxi will take you around Paris this summer over the river Seine and it is one experience you don't want to miss!
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A man at the cafe in the book hotel in Portugal
Love dwelling in the world of books? Then head to hotel The Literary Man Óbidos, the book hotel in Portugal. More than 50,000 books await to welcome you!
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