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Scuba Diving In The Maldives At A Secret Island


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  • 5 Nights/6 Days Package
  • Open To Everyone Including Beginners
  • Available from October 2021 to May 2022
  • International Flights Not Included
  • Non scuba diving Partners Can Come Along
  • Book Online Now With Fully Refundable Token Deposit
What's this trip all about ?

Scuba Diving In The Maldives At A Secret Island

This is no ordinary island. This is where almost mythical creatures live underwater while on the surface there are white sands and palms in the middle of nowhere in the Indian Ocean. Our tiny little island ( just 1 km long and 500 meters wide) is one of the most impossibly gorgeous sights that you will ever lay your eyes on. Scuba diving in the Maldives couldn’t get better than this, you can count on that 

This is our second home, considering we go for Scuba diving trips to this secret little gem of an island with perfect turquoise waters almost every other month since the last 5 years!

Scuba diving maldives boat group

“But Isn’t the Cost of Scuba diving in Maldives really high?”

There are those touristy Maldives Packages and there is this! This Scuba diving trip is all about White Sands, crystal clear waters, exceptional marine life and everything else that the Maldives embodies, EXCEPT THE EXPENSIVE PART!  We don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and we mean it. This trip to go Scuba diving In the Maldives, like almost all our small group trips is budget friendly and yet doesn’t sacrifice the awesomeness 

We will be staying at a fantastic and comfortable place with all modern comforts on a gorgeous little island and superb diving and that’s that!

“But I have never gone scuba diving before!! “

The best part is that this trip to go Scuba diving In the Maldives is not just for experienced Scuba Divers but is also open to complete beginners. For those who want to learn Scuba Diving and finish their Beginner’s 5 Day PADI Open Water Course. And the ones who have already finished their 5 Day Open Water Course, you can come along and finish your Advanced Open Water Course. This which will allow you to go down deeper to 30 meters and trust us, you wanna go deeper.

That’s where the real action always happens!

Note: You are welcome to bring non scuba diving partners along if you like, check for the price for them on email or whatsapp after you fill the form on this page.

 “What is the plan though ?”

 Imagine yourself diving into crystal clear waters around our tropical island while interacting with the psychedelic and colourful marine life underwater during the day, almost like an astronaut.  Now add white sand and unreal sunsets followed by canoeing away into blue serenity under the star-studded Island sky. 

Feeling the vibe? 

PS: You may also wanna know that we are doing over fabled Annual Manta Rays Maldives Special Scuba diving Expeditions every month between June to September only again where dozens and often even hundreds of these friendly Giants “Birds” that look like Alien Space Ships aka Manta Rays congregate together every year.

Please scroll down to read about Dates, Itinerary, Inclusions, Faqs etc or just use the sticky menu on the top of your screen to navigate.


Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days (customizable)

Group Dates: Our maldives Scuba diving Trips are available almost every month, throughout the year because Maldives is a 365 days a year country with fantastic scuba diving conditions perennially.


(If the below mentioned group dates don’t work for you, these Maldives scuba diving  trips can be customized to any other dates of your choice in any month of the year for you and your friends on request, reply to the email you receive from us when you fill up the form on this page)


From February 2022 to May 2022

Group 1: 5th February to 10th February (Sold out)

Group 2: 12th February to 17th February 2022 (Sold out)

Group 3: 15th March to 20th March 2022 

Group 4: 5th April to 10th April 2022

Group 5: 23rd April to 28th April 2022

Group 6: 7th May to 12th May 2022



From June 2021 to September 2021:

Check out our special Manta Rays Special Scuba diving Trip to Maldives

Between June to September, we do group trips to a different secret island in maldives every month, where dozens and sometimes even hundreds of  giant, peaceful and absolutely harmless Manta Rays congregate and what a sight it is!!!

Bucket lists are made for this 🙂


From October 2022 to December 2022:

Group 7: 11th October to 16th October 2021

Group 8: 1st November to 6th November 2021

Group 9: 6th December to 11th December 2021

(If the above group dates don’t work for you, these Maldives trip can be customized to any dates of your choice in any month of the year for you and your friends on request, reply to the email you receive from us when you fill up the form on this page)

Note:  This trip is OPEN TO BEGINNERS who want to do their 3 days PADI Open Water Scuba diving License Course which will allow you to scuba dive anywhere in the world on your own.

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What's Included ?
  • 5 Nights AccommodationAt a beautiful hotel on our secret island with all modern amenities on a twin sharing basis during this Scuba diving in the Maldives Trip (Pictures of the Island and Hotel Rooms etc at the top on the page in the Gallery)
  • Breakfast Included
  • Standard 5 Day PADI Open Water License Course If you are a complete beginner
  • PADI Advanced Open Water License CourseIf you are already Open water certified and want to now do level 2 i.e the Advanced Open water Course
  • 8 Fun Dives over 4 daysIf you are already an Advanced Certified Diver and just wants to come do fun dives and no course.
  • Airport Pickup & Drop
  • All Equipment and GearYou don’t need to carry anything special except normal beachwear and swim/surf shorts etc for guys
  • Canoeing/Paddleboarding and all non-motorized adventure sports equipment usageIs free for you to try anytime you like, you won’t need to pay any charges to use them
  • Visa on arrivalVisa for Maldives is free for people from most countries. It’s just a stamp that you get at Male Airport, can’t get better than this!!
What's Not Included ?
  • International Air Ticket to Male (Maldives)Tickets to maldives are super cheap in general and direct flights available. People come for our trips from different cities and countries, so we cannot have this included in a standard package, we will guide you with the best options though
  • Lunch & Dinner We don’t want you to be restricted to a fixed meal since there are several food options around the island for you to choose depending on your budget.A good meal on the island, in general, is around 10 USD per person depending on your preferences of course of course.
  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything else not mentioned in Inclusions/Exclusions

Day 1Land In Male ( Maldives)

Land at Male International Airport which is the Capital of Maldives anytime in the day. You will then board another 30-minute domestic flight (included in the package) from the Domestic Terminal next door which will take you straight to our secret island where you will meet the rest of the group.

The remainder of the day is free to chill, relax and enjoy the spectacular view from this tiny little gem of an island in the middle of nowhere.


Day 2 to Day 5 Time to Scuba dive and chill

 You will begin your Open water Scuba diving Course if you are a beginner or Advanced Open Water Course / Fun Dives if you are already a certified/ experienced Diver from Day 2 all the way to Day 5 every day while you enjoy the spectacular underwater world of Maldives every day.

Typically, you will be busy with your diving/diving course post breakfast until noon or even afternoon as far as the scuba diving course for beginners is concerned.

If you are Fun divers/ experienced diver, you can go for 2 dives in the morning and one optional dive in the afternoon and even a night dive on one of the nights. And if the Mantas don’t play shy, everyone is in for a treat because most of the divesites around our Island are hotspots for Manta Rays!

Day 6Departure Day

You take a speedboat (included in the package) back from the Island to Male (the capital) and then you are ready to fly back home from  anytime post noon.

Scuba diving in the Maldives has always been considered a luxury and the cost of Scuba diving in Maldives has been a big hindrance for most of us to experience this magical place……not anymore! 

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Note: Let us know on email or whatsapp  if you would like us to connect you with any of the people who have done this trip with us in the past before you sign up!

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Frequently Asked questions about Scuba diving in Maldives

Who is the founder of BEEP ?

Harpreet Singh aka Harry aka Mister BEEP founded BEEP – Beautiful Experiences Extraordinary Places lovingly called Gobeepbeep in 2015.

Before that, he worked at MTV and Vh1 for 8 years organising International Music Festivals and several popular TV shows until he converted his true Passion for seeking extraordinary experiences around the world and initiating others, into his life’s work.

When is he is not skydiving out of planes, you will find him under the ocean making friends with whales and sharks.

You can follow Harry’s crazy adventures on Instagram > @mister.beep


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Trip Dates

Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days (customizable)

Group Dates:

(Can be customized to any dates of your choice  for you and your friends on request, reply to the email you receive from us when you fill up the form on this page)

Group 1: 13th February to 18th February 2021

Geoup 2: 16th March to 21st march 2021

Group 1: 17th April to 22nd April 2021

Group 2: 11th May to 16th May 2021


From July 2021 to September 2021:

Check out our special Manta Rays Special Scuba diving Trip to Maldives


From October 2021 to December2021:

Group 3: 12th to 17th October 2021

Group 4: 2nd November to 7th November 2021

Group 5: 14th December to 19th December 2021


Note: This trip is OPEN TO BEGINNERS who want to do their PADI Open Water Scuba diving License Course.

Average Group Size ( 8 -12 )


Awesome people just like you, come for our trips from various cities and countries and we don’t like for it to be too crowded. So we cap the average number per group between 8  – 12 people with a healthy ratio!

These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, not those touristy hordes being packed up in buses like sheep 🙂

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This way, no one loses any money and we keep the payments we have made to our local vendors in advance on your behalf for this trip intact for usage later, so that they don’t lose money either.

Its a win-win-win for everyone involved 🙂

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