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The Northern Lights Trip To Norway

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The Northern Lights Trip To Norway

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We only have only 1 last spot left on this Northern Lights trip to Norway and the last date to confirm for this spots is 22nd February.


2017  was a phenomenal year for us that ended with our legendary ONCE-A-YEAR-ONLY Skydiving Over The Himalayas Trip and 2018 is looking incredible already!!

Here’s one of the reasons why 🙂

Aurora Borealis aka The Northern Lights have always been stuff of myth and legends. The Sami People of the North who are indigenous to  Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia believed that these fires in the sky were the souls of their dead that had magical effects !

They called it “Gouvssahas” which translates to “the light you can hear” !!

Moms would tell their kids stories of people who would hear the Northern Lights like a ghostly static sound.

“But Whats are Northern Lights you ask ?”

The scientific explanation being “ Solar wind that drives down electrically charred particles towards the earth’s atmosphere which upon colliding with it give off energy in the form of light” !

The myths sound way cooler than science, don’t you think? And who doesn’t wanna believe in a little bit of magic 🙂

“But what’s the best time to see the Northern Lights ?”

The lights can be seen from October to April in a few countries and locations above the Arctic Circle, all you need is a clear/less cloudy night !(which is where the luck factor comes in) But Jan, Feb and March are usually the best months to see the Northern Lights because of the long nights during these months.

March is especially important because of the Spring Equinox (March 20th) around which there are always higher chance of solar activity historically and hence better chances of seeing the Northern Lights mid march. It also offers a great balance of “not-so-extreme-temperatures” of Jan and Feb and the fact that long nights still prevail, a combination of which makes it ideal time for a Norway Northern Lights Tour !!

We have even timed our Northern Lights Trip with the new moon to ensure maximum darkness to observe the lights and chosen one of  the most reliable spot to see the Lights in the world, Tromso!

So in March, we are headed to chase the legend of the lights in Tromso which is practically the most reliable spot in the world to spot the lights on our Northern Lights Trip to Norway.

On our way to chasing the Northern Lights around Tromso, we will be heading into that surreal postcard imagery of the Fjords of Norway from Oslo to Bergen and then to the small villages of Voss and Flam in Western Norway , the sights and experiences will completely blow your mind before we even get to Tromso for the lights!!

Read the complete Itinerary below, This is no ordinary trip!


Remember that the Northern Lights are a Natural Phenomena and cannot be guaranteed on any given night, by anyone.But to tilt the odds highly in our favour, we have chosen one of the top most spots in the world to see the Northern Lights (Tromso) where the probability of seeing the lights is the highest usually and timed it with new moon and the Spring Equinox as the cherry on top!

Now all we need is just one clear(ish) i.e non cloudy/less cloudy night and boom !

So if you ask what our chances are, of seeing them on our Northern Lights Trip to Norway….. pretty damn good we’d say ! 🙂

Incase you are looking for “100 percent” assurances, then its time you moved off from this page, but if you are in then you know where the Application form is 🙂


IMPORTANT UPDATE: This trip is Sold Out but we will have many more groups from September 2018 to March 2019, please tell us which month you are interested in when you apply using the Application form on this page


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 Northern Lights Trip To Norway – March 2018


  • 9th March : Oslo

Oslo – Reach Oslo anytime of the day basis the most convenient flight and relax and stroll around the rest of the day and soak the city it in while we wait for everyone else to land and join us.

  • 10th March : Oslo and Bergen

We’ll do breakfast followed by checking out some points of interest in Oslo like the gorgeous Vigeland Sculpture Park and if we are feeling crazy enough then perhaps go for Oslo’s most popular Toboggan Run at Korketrekkeren.

Korktrekkeren is 2,000 metres long, and the elevation drop is 255 metres. One non-stop ride takes 8–10 minutes!!

Early Afternoon we head on to our next destination Bergen on what is most definitely one of the most spectacular Train journeys in the world.

Bergen is also known as the Gateway to the Fiords and is a gorgeous fairytale village straight out of a Postcard. The stunning landscapes around were created by successive Ice Ages and the landscape hasn’t changed much since then ! This train journey from Oslo to Bergen in itself one of the the top things to do in the world for any traveller !

  • 11th – 12th March : Bergen, Flam, Voss

These 2 days are dedicated to exploring the other biggest reason why Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, The Fjords !

We will be participating in the legendary “Norway in a Nutshell”  tour starting from Bergen that takes you deep into Norway’s most beautiful Fjord scenery and little fairy tale villages. We will experience the scenic Bergen Railway, the breathtaking Flam Railway and various UNESCO protected areas while on a Fjord Cruise on the magnificent Aurlandsfjord and on the narrow Nærøyfjord

Not just that, we’ll go for some fun hikes to the top of these gorgeous mountains for panoramic views that can only be defined in one word, UNREAL.

There will be enough free time to explore the quaint Villages of Gudvangen Flam and Voss over these 2 days!!

  • 13th – 15th March : Tromso 

Now that we are already under Norway’s spell , we fly to Tromso from Bergen together for the last leg of our Northern Lights Trip to chase the lights.

The timing is perfect because its new Moon and the Spring Equinox is just a few days. Both these factors increase our chances of seeing the light show in the heavens massively!

During the next 3 days we explore Tromso and all that it has to offer in the Day and at Night!

In the day we’ll go checkout the amazing Botanical Gardens and incredible museums including the famous Polar Museum and Cathedrals that take you back into Nordic history. We’ll also go for some fun hikes for amazing Panoramic views of the city from the top.

There are several optional day activities you could check out in your free time like Husky or Reindeer Sledding or go Skiing on the slopes or even rent out Snow Mobiles for some adrenaline charged fun if you like.

In the night however, we will focus on 2 things only…..Get our drinks on (so that we don’t die of cold mostly) and chase the Northern Lights. We are thinking Pub Crawls followed by Northern Light Chases every night !! 😀

  • 16th March (Trip ends)

Many crazy memories and tons of envy worthy photographs later……

The Trip ends in Tromso and now you can either extend your trip to explore Norway further on your own ( which a lot of you may want to) or fly back to Oslo to go home or explore other countries on your own……

  • 7 Nights Stay in fun hostels across Norway on sharing basis with breakfast included at some ( Norway is a super expensive country and Hostels across Europe are clean,cool, much more fun and and you will meet awesome travellers from around the world)
  • Arguably the world’s most spectacular Train Journey, from Oslo to Bergen on Bergen Railways
  • Train Tour on the surreal Flam Railways from Bergen to Flam
  • Fjord Cruise Tour from Flam with breathtaking views of mountains and lakes that Norway is famous for
  • Bus Trip through beautiful quaint villages of Gudvangen to Voss and then back to Bergen on Bergen Railway
  • Domestic Flight from Bergen to Tromso
  • Day Excursions to places of interest in Tromso to the Botanical Gardens, Arctic Cathedral, Polar Museum.
  • Fun Hikes around the Fjords in Bergen/Voss and in Tromso to get Panoramic Views
  • A Pub Crawl
  • 1 proper organized Northern Lights Chase Tour with local experts in Tromso but…….

(If needed, We can go in for more chases on subsequent nights in Tromso on a proper organised tour again at extra cost or We can hire a Jeep and drive around on our own on the other nights with the Aurora Forecast App which is pretty accurate, to find the perfect spots for that night to view the Northern Lights around the area)

Important: If there are any changes in the itinerary due to any unforeseen circumstances, the relevant cost for changes will have to be borne individually.

  • International Air Ticket to Oslo / Norway
  • Visa ( We will help and guide you with paperwork if needed )
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Anything not Mentioned in the “What’s Included” Section

Important: If there are any changes in the itinerary due to any unforeseen circumstances, the relevant cost for changes will have to be borne individually.

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