India's First Flow Arts Retreat | Learn Poi|Learn Hula Hoop| Learn Juggling

India’s First Flow Arts Retreat

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 India’s First Flow Arts Retreat 

“But What are Flow Arts ?” 🙂

The pictures in the photo gallery above should give you a fair idea of what FLOW ARTS are all about but in one sentence,  flow arts are emerging art forms that integrate dance, exploring creativity through movement and skilful manipulations of objects/props.

Have you come across people spinning a ball attached to a string (poi) at music festivals or dancing with giant hoops ( Hula Hoops) around their bodies and busting some incredible moves?  For those who don’t know, hula hoop, poi and juggling etc are a part of this awesome genre of movement Art and are the focus of our first Flow Arts Retreat. They are an amalgamation of various movements including dance, juggling, fire spinning, hula hooping, poi and object manipulation etc. The best part about our Flow Arts Retreat is that it is for everybody, all age groups, all sizes, and people ranging from sporty to lethargic 🙂

Check out this incredible video showcasing the full potential of Flow Arts, some of which you will learn at our Flow Arts Retreat!

“But Isn’t All This Flow Arts Stuff Only Done By Hippies?”

If you are living in the 20th century still, then maybe you are right 🙂

Flow Arts may not be the most mainstream of art forms but are becoming popular even with folks from the city looking to experiment with new and fulfilling art forms that can be practised anywhere.Flow arts are an incredible expression of creativity and some of them are in fact a great work out too. No wonder that ” Learn To Hula Hoop ” and ” Learn Poi ” Classes, for example, are becoming popular in the cities across the world quickly!

“Awesome! So What Is This Flow Arts Retreat All About ?”

When we say retreat, you know that we are not going to take you to a  boring, fancy resort. We are however going to stay at a super gorgeous place with mad 360-degree panoramic views up on top of a mountain with floating clouds beneath for 4 days It’s 50 Kms from Rishikesh, overlooks the majestic Ganga and is surrounded by a forest which is home to hundreds of birds and other wildlife. The only way to reach this place is to hike from a little “Dead End Road” through the incredible wilderness that surrounds it!

It is our secret little, hidden jewel near Rishikesh and you are going to fall in love with it! ( Pictures above in the photo gallery)

While we stay at and explore the surroundings of this magical place for 4 days,  during this awesome Flow Arts Retreat we will learn Poi / Hula Hoop / Juggling from Home Grown Experts Eshna and Somil. One day we’ll be practising and learning on top of a mountain with unobstructed panoramic views and the next day on a white sand beach on the Ganga river and then another day in the forest next door with hundreds of gorgeous birds chirping and cheering us on.

“But I have Never Tried This Stuff before? “

If you have been following us for a while then you would know that this is a common question about most of the trips we organise!We are all about pushing the boundaries of what it means to travel, exploring incredible places while learning amazing new skills while we are at it.

This Flow Arts Retreat is no different and as usual……..

This Trip is open to complete beginners.


More on the cornerstones of our Flow Arts Retreat:

Hula hoop /Hooping

Is there more to hooping than spinning it around the waist? YES. One could call it a dance form with artistic movements, including a long list of illusions. This integral part of our Flow Arts Retreat is a meditation, playtime, and a challenge all at once. If you’re interested in acrobatics, being groovy, trying tricks that mess with your minds then this is the skill to give a shot. If that’s not exciting enough, try all of that with fire hoops!


Juggling in its organic form doesn’t have to be standing in one spot endlessly. Organic juggling is about finding direction and air time, it’s about drawing in space and adding flow to something symmetrical. What will you get to learn at our Flow Arts Retreat? Other than 3 ball juggling? A hell lot of variations. And maybe even juggling with hula hoops instead of balls. It’s time to test your weaker hand!

Poi / Poi Spinning

Poi is a performance art, where weights on the ends of tethers are swung in rhythmic and geometrical patterns. In simpler words- imagine putting a ball in each of your socks and spinning it round and round (Trust me it gets a lot harder). But wait, did you know it was originated by the Maori people of New Zealand. In this generation, we spin fire poi and LED poi too!  So if you’re looking for a dynamic yet engaging activity at our Flow Arts Retreat and if you enjoy creating symmetry, this is the one for you !

Learn POI @ Our Flow Arts Retreat

Day 1

Introduction Day: Start out by watching some videos of performances by reputed spinners across the world to ignite a spark of inspiration.
-Learning the various grips of holding a poi
-Free flowing getting comfortable with spinning
– Basic theory: Exploration of timing, modes and planes of spinning poi.

Day 2

Tricks Day: Having gained some knowledge about the theory, it’s time to implement it.
-Basic moves such as butterfly, two-beat weave, hip reels, windmill and turning.
-This should occupy us for most of our day. For the fast learners, well have some extra challenges to keep you busy.

Day 3

‘How to be graceful’ Day: Today we work on finessing the moves learnt the previous day and learn drills that will aid in finessing the fundamentals you have learned.
As it is a performance art, we will also examine how to move around with your poi and focus on footwork this session.

Day 4

Choreography and Fire Day: We shall attempt to put together a basic sequence using the moves we’ve learn’t. A short note on fire safety will be given and an opportunity to perform for those that are comfortable and the instructor finds are able to attempt spinning fire safely.

Learn HULA HOOP @ Our Flow Arts Retreat

Day 1
On-body movement: Briefly becoming acquainted with all the possibilities of using a hula hoop
-Partner tricks to break the ice
-Learning to hoop on almost every body part-waist, neck, knees, feet, arms, fingers, hair, nose, you name it!
Day 2
Off-body movement: After a recap of the previous day, we will learn some off-body tricks today to add dynamic to your flow. There will be levels for the following tricks to accommodate everyone’s learning speed.
-Chest Rolls
– Escalator
– Passing and Tossing
Day 3
Transitions: The first half of the session will be on refining the tricks learnt in the two days. In the second half we’ll be working on finding movement in each trick and flowing into the next one smoothly. The main focus will be on dancing and getting more confident with the hoop.
Day 4
Fire, multiple, twins: First half of the session we will focus on a few more partner tricks and help create the flow. Assist each other in doing all the tricks.
 The session will be followed by an introduction to how to spin multiple hoops, twin hoops and fire hoops so you have something new to take back along with the other tricks.

Learn JUGGLING @ Our Flow Arts Retreat

Day 1
One ball Day: focus will be given to throws and Catches using just one ball. These include shoulder throws and catches, under the arm throws and catches, under the leg throws, body throws, behind the back throws and catches.
To get out of the comfort zone of being stationary, we will also work on balancing them on different parts of the body and creating a movement
Day 2
2 balls day: a more challenging day, we will work on the same throws and catches but with 2 balls. Other practice moves to enhance the skill
-Overhand throws
-Underhand throws
-Two in one hand throws
Day 3
3 balls Day: Finally, we will attempt three ball juggling-The Cascade
-Drills to help in the cascade
Day 4
Variations: 3 ball juggling tricks require practice and may not happen in the first try. But the techniques will be shared and we will do a hell lot of drills to make it a muscle memory. These include
-One up two up
– Reverse Cascade
– The Box

Awesome people just like you, come for our trips from various cities and countries and we don’t like for it to be too crowded. So we cap the average number per group between 8  – 12 people with a healthy ratio!

These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, not those touristy hordes being packed up in buses like sheep 🙂


We are expecting beautiful pleasant sunny weather with a little chill in the air in the evenings, just perfect for our outdoorsy Flow Arts Retreat Program.



 30th September (Saturday)  – 3rd October (Tuesday)

*Gandhi Jayanti Long Weekend 🙂

PS: We also have a “Learn AcroYoga” Trip to the endless lush meadows of Gulmarg mid-September which may interest you too!

  • Day 1: Reach Rishikesh on Saturday morning via a Night Bus/Train from Delhi. You will get picked up from Rishikesh by our Vehicle and transferred to our incredible Secret Spot hidden somewhere in the mountains about 50 Kms away!

The rest of the day will include an Introduction Session to Poi/Hula Hoop/Juggling to get you acquainted. You don’t need to carry your own hoop or Poi, everything will be provided to you and you can keep that set and take it home to practice on your own.

We will also go for a short guided walk around the place and get acquainted with your new home which is also home to hundreds of beautiful birds and deers and what not!

Relax, eat good food cooked by our awesome chef and enjoy the amazing energy of the place.

  • Day 2 – 4: Every day there will learning sessions ranging from basic to more advanced ( depending on individual learning curves of course) where you will learn more about these amazing Flow Arts of Poi Spinning and Hula Hooping and Juggling. This short trip won’t make you a professional but it will be immersive enough for you to understand the basics first and then go beyond to hone your skills further and learn more complex moves and tricks and other super fun stuff.

There will also be enough time for you to practise what you learnt with your new Trip mates or just by yourself which is almost like therapy or meditation if you ask us.

If you want a more detailed and technical version of the curriculum, Check Out the “What All Will I Learn” Section above!

Our secret spot has so much variety to offer in terms of the kind of environments that you will be able to learn and practise our Flow Arts and this is what will make this trip, even more, fun and explorative. On one day we will learn and practise on a grassy “rooftop” with 360-degree panoramic views of the mountains and another time in the forest with birds chirping and  another day we will trek right from our accommodation from the mountain top down into the valley and go practice and by the side of the Ganga river on a white sand beach.

We will go in for a super fun white water rafting day trip after one of our learning/practice sessions right from this beach in case you want to feel a little adrenaline rush 🙂

On Day 4, in the evening you will get dropped back by our vehicle to the Bus Stop in Rishikesh for your journey back to Delhi from where you can take a morning flight out the next morning, unless you wish to extend your trip in the mountains and go explore Rishikesh or other places around.


  • Daily Learn Poi / Learn Hula Hoopa / Learn Juggling Sessions from experts, perfect for beginners and people who have tried their hand at it once or twice in different amazing natural settings as mentioned in the description.
  • A set of Poi or a Hoop for you to keep and practise when u get back home as a gift from us.
  • Stay for 3 Nights in our super gorgeous Permanent Camping Guest House on a mountain top surrounded by incredible wilderness and panoramic views. While you will stay in tents, don’t worry, the place is amazingly hygienic with proper toilets, Spotless showers, running water and fantastic homely food. We have stayed here ourselves and can vouch for it 🙂
  • All meals during the entire duration of our Flow Arts Retreat are taken care of and trust us the food here is incredible and feels just like home
  • Private group transfers from Rishikesh to The Guest House and back.
  • Guided Birdwatching Walks and  Short Treks around the wilderness that surrounds this magical place. Our host and owner of this place is an avid bird watcher and an overall amazing guy and you will even get binoculars to walk around yourself if you like and spot amazing birds all around this place.
  • Domestic Flight to Delhi
  • Train/Bus to Rishikesh ( we will, however, connect you with other participants on our whatsapp group in case u guys want to share a cab from Delhi instead of a night bus. We can help arrange for that)

In case you missed it, BEEP  trips are not your usual “sightseeing tour packages” to commercial destinations. These are unique experiences that deserve passionate and awesome people, in pursuit of the extraordinary.

There are very limited spots possible on each trip that we put together with all our heart and soul and there are only so many we can do in a year. So to ensure that we have a fun bunch of awesome people on each of these amazing journeys, we ask you to….

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